Web Dev - Steps we use to arrive at a website design

  1. Design Phase

  • Develop wireframes and mockups.

  • Present designs to the client for feedback and approval.

  1. Content Creation

  • Gather and create content (text, images, videos).

  • Ensure content aligns with client goals and SEO best practices.

  1. Development Phase

  • Build the website using appropriate technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CMS).

  • Implement responsive design for mobile compatibility.

  1. Testing

  • Conduct thorough testing for functionality, usability, and compatibility.

  • Fix any bugs or issues identified during testing.

  1. Client Review

  • Present the completed website to the client.

  • Make any necessary revisions based on client feedback.

  1. Launch

  • Set up hosting and domains (if not already done).

  • Deploy the website to the live server.

  1. Post-Launch Support

  • Provide training for client on content management (if applicable).

  • Offer ongoing maintenance and support as needed.

  1. Initial Consultation

  • Understand client needs, goals, and target audience.

  • Discuss budget, timeline, and preferences

  1. Project Proposal

  • Prepare and present a detailed proposal.

  • Include project scope, deliverables, timelines, and costs.

  1. Research and Planning

  • Conduct market and competitor analysis.

  • Create a site map and define the website structure.

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